The Benefit Your Company Should Be Providing, But Probably Doesn’t

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As a leader, you are occasionally faced with the difficult task of transitioning people out of your organization because of a downsize, layoff, or position elimination. The organization traditionally offers some severance pay, an apology for “having to do this,” and best wishes. That’s it! Then you go back to your daily work, sad, but happy that distasteful management duty is over!!

Yet, your employee’s experience with the organization didn’t end just because the meeting was over. The lifecycle of your organization’s culture begins with their first impression during the selection process, evolves during onboarding, and continues as they navigate their employment within the organization: when they’re assigned a challenging role, have a good supervisor, are coached or mentored, and are treated with respect, regardless of identity.

All that work intentionally building a great culture for the organization could be lost in an instant – at a person’s transition out of your organization. Their experience with your culture doesn’t end there – and there’s one way you can ensure that your culture is preserved – even after their exit.

Providing a certified Personal Career Coach ensures the individual can deal with the stress of losing their job and has a partner in their job search.

Having a great culture means treating the employees with compassion and empathy when you transition them out of the organization.  Having a Personal Career Coach, as a part of the departure package, shows that the organization cares about its people – beyond their employment with the organization – and actively takes steps to demonstrate and preserve its organizational culture.

It not only demonstrates to the departing employee that you care, but it also shows your existing employees that your people are important to you – and you’ve made an investment to prove it! Your role in conducting this meeting will still be personally difficult, but you can take pride in the fact that you are providing this individual with a benefit that they need most at this time in their life.

Going forward, make certain your organization includes a certified, Personal Career Coach as part of the severance benefits package for individuals being transitioned out of the organization. Learn more about what services are provided by a career coach, visit our web site at or contact Jane Richardson (317) 652-1681 and

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