Search and Staffing

We believe that great leaders create great cultures and great organizations. We are driven to help organizations be great places to work. For over 50 years, our search and staffing professionals have been working with executives who believe, that in order to achieve their cultural goals, they have to pro-actively recruit the best, brightest, diverse talent. 

Headquartered in Indianapolis, our Search and Staffing Practice is the oldest and most experienced search firm in Indiana. We have successfully completed over 100,000 searches for executives, mid-managers and professional level talent across the US.

Market Expertise

There are very few markets where we have not successfully conducted searches.

Some of the vertical markets we serve:

  • Entrepreneurial Growth Businesses
  • Home Building/Construction
  • Family Owned Businesses   
  • Pharma/Medical Devices
  • Accounting/Financial/Insurance
  • Healthcare – Doctors – Nurses
  • Human Resources
  • Not For Profits
  • Engineering/Electronics
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Energy      
  • Fundraising

Recruiting Diverse Talent

The Problem – “We Can’t Find Great Women or Minority Candidates”: Prior to using the search and staffing services of CLE, the rationale we often heard from our clients was, “We just did not have a large enough pool of female and diverse leaders to consider for this position, so we hired the best person for that role; It just happened to be a white man.”

The Solution – Put Yourself In A Position To Be Able To Say:  “I hired the best talent available from a diverse pool of candidates.” At CLE, we track tens of thousands of candidates in our data base, including women and minorities who are not actively on the job market, but are interested in hearing about an opportunity that is a career enhancement. We specialize in building diverse pools of talent for our clients.

Contact Us:

Richard Butz – For more information about partnering with CLE to source, recruit and retain the best and brightest talent. or (317) 264-4164

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If You Need More Diverse Hires, Start by Diversifying Your Candidate Pool

When you’re looking to hire more diversity in your organization, companies must work harder to build a more robust and diverse pool of high-quality candidates to choose from. That means evaluating job descriptions and postings for gendered language, posting jobs on different sites and within different networks, and looking at how you are evaluating candidates for the role.

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Case Study: Understanding Strengths, Expanding Possibilities

Understanding Strengths, Expanding Possibilities, A Client Story by Mark Dubansky, Career Coach

Bob was unexpectedly impacted by a staff reduction where he worked as a coordinator in the admissions department of a large university system. For the last 10 years he worked in the higher education sector performing a wide range of roles in admissions and student support. Bob was happy with his work and in the university setting where he had hoped to continue for the foreseeable future. 

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The Impact of Outplacement on Mental Health

The impact of a job loss, immediate uncertainty, the severing of work relationships, the loss of a comfortable routine, and the financial implications can be overwhelming. Providing outplacement / career transition support demonstrates an organization’s commitment to employee wellness – not only to the departing employee but also to those who remain and are aware of the separation.

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Sourcing & Recruiting: Women and Minorities

Sourcing & Recruiting: Women and Minorities

FACT: We Can’t Find Great Women or Minority Candidates: Regardless of whether you have gender equity goals for your organization, the rationale for not hiring more women and/or minorities is often, “We just didn’t have a large enough pool of female and diverse leaders...

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Are Your Jobs Taking Too Long To Fill?

Are Your Jobs Taking Too Long To Fill?

Are Your Jobs Taking Too Long To Fill? By: Richard Butz The Problem – Placing Blame: There is very little statistical data published about how efficiently companies manage their recruiting process flow. One of the first signs of a problem is that managers are...

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