Culture Strategy

We believe that great leaders and great cultures create great organizations. Too often, a “culture strategy” falls at the bottom of the priority list for leaders.  Organizational culture must be a priority for executive leaders.

What Makes a Great Culture?

Every organization has a culture. It is created by the beliefs, actions, and characteristics demonstrated by the leaders and key individuals in the organization – and ultimately filters down to every employee. The markers of a culture are what creates a sense of belonging and personal identity for the individuals within that culture. Building a great culture should be a top priority for executives.

What your culture is however, may not be in alignment with the culture that you wantWhether it is building a better working environment, creating equity and inclusion, recruiting top talent, improving productivity, or increasing alignment with stated organizational values, your culture must be prioritized. It is the key to creating meaningful change within your organization.

The culture of an organzation is a combination of espoused values, beliefs, behaviors, and actions. It’s not just a set of benefits or business systems. It can’t be fixed by training or perks alone. Creating and maintaing a great culture requires a comprehensive strategy that every leader is invested in. 

Culture and Change

Every time your organization experiences change, it can result in changes to your culture. Changes like reorganizations, leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, and pandemics can wreak havoc on a culture. By understanding the cultural markers that make your organization unique, you and your employees can better navigate change within the organization and work to preserve your culture. 

Building a Cultural Strategy

Our Culture Strategists work with you to identify your organizational culture markers through our proprietary Culture Marker Assessment, then clarify the culture you want to build and/or preserve. We then work to build a strategy to achieve your cultural goals and measure the efficacy or your efforts. 

Culture Marker Assessment

Culture markers can’t be pulled simply from a set of corporate values and a mission statement. Culture is represented in the beliefs and actions of your employees, too. Our Culture Marker Assessment takes the guess work out of the question, “What is our culture?” It provides a clear picture of where you are as an organization, so you can move toward the culture you truly want.

Our Culture Marker Assessment works to identify key cultural markers for an organization. We also offer specialty assessments to help organizations identify culture in targeted areas, including:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Markers
  • Leadership 360 Culture Markers
  • Business Unit Culture Markers

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