Research indicates that most leaders want to improve their leadership skills.

Intensive, one-on-one support, is often necessary for individuals new to leadership roles or for individuals in high-level or high-value positions within an organization. Our leadership experts use a data-driven approach to establish skill gaps, development needs, and overall goals, so we can easily demonstrate growth and organizational ROI. We not only help create great leaders; we prove it!

Leaders want training or a coach to help them improve their leadership effectiven ess. A study by the Stanford Business School found that:

      • Nearly two-thirds of CEOs and/or leaders do not receive any coaching or leadership development.
      • Nearly 100 percent of CEOs said they would like coaching to enhance their development.

Early Intervention

High-performers and rainmakers-turned-leaders are exceptional at producing results and highly skilled at doing the work to make the organization successful. However, these individuals occasionally have communication or behavior issues that create challenges for organizational leadership and highlight disparities culturally.

Our leadership experts work one-on-one with high-value employees to deliver honest feedback and reset problematic behavior, so the organization retains the employee and the culture isn’t harmed. Our experts have over a 90% success rate at addressing problematic behavior and retaining the high-value employee.

Leadership Coaching

Individuals that are new to leadership or new to a specific leadership role, require upskilling and support from an objective and well-trained expert. Our leadership experts help individuals who are new to a leadership role assess their current skill gaps, set outcomes with their supervisor, and then activate on a development plan over the course of our engagement. Individuals are then able to successfully navigate the new role and become great leaders.