Protecting Your Culture, From Onboarding through Outplacement 

outplacement and mental health

The selection process is complete, the chosen candidate has accepted the offer, and a start date is on the calendar. A sigh of relief comes next…as well it should! After all, the selection process takes time, planning, and marketing to put the organization’s best foot forward. Similar efforts will come into play in the onboarding phase. 

The effective onboarding of the new employee builds on the foundation established during the selection process, and it affirms the individual’s decision to join your organization. This team member perceives that you have planned for the entry into your workplace, that you have prepared the materials and resources needed, and that the way is clear for future success.  Likewise, you acclimate the individual to your culture and create good experiences and a sense of belonging. Your investment in onboarding will affect performance and the overall employee experience. 

Have you considered that the employee experience continues beyond the last day of work? An acquisition, business down-turn, or other significant event may place you in the position of eliminating jobs. Building great culture means treating employees with compassion and empathy both during their employment… and as they exit. Outplacement must be a part of your culture strategy.  How you transition the departing employee impacts the individual, as well as his/her network of employees who continue with the firm. Providing outplacement services as a part of the departure package demonstrates that the organization supports the well-being of their people and actively takes steps to preserve your organizational culture.  

Outplacement or career transition coaching is a benefit that we have provided to 250,000 individuals; our clients tell us that this benefit has been integral to their successful transition. We care about your employees and your culture; we promote the well-being of both by providing outstanding services, designed to meet unique individual needs. We coach until the individual succeeds – that’s our commitment. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Jamie Maroney, Outplacement Practice Leader at 317.264.4114 or

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