Can Coaching Combat the Great Resignation?

The “Great Resignation” has left many employers struggling to retain the talent they need to meet their strategic business goals. The effects of this phenomenon are very real, but also presents an opportunity for many employers. Organizations can prevent the mass-exodus of talent from their organization if they are willing to intentionally invest in growing their existing talent with new leadership skills.

A reported 94% of employees have said that they will stay at a company longer if it simply invests in their Individual growth and development. A recent article from Inc. indicates, “Today’s employees will not be content having the same job for 30 years. They not only want the ability to grow their careers, but they also want the opportunity to explore different career paths.” While internal company learning and development initiatives can help build skills, many leaders reveal they would like more individualized programs, targeted at helping them enhance their specific skill gaps and how they can add value more to the organization.

No matter the role or function, the opportunity to build skills, take on new challenges, and contribute at greater levels is expressed consistently by individuals in recent annual performance review processes. While personalized leadership development may not be an option for every leader, individual coaching can help close the gaps that can take an individual’s performance from good to great, as well as working to retain the individual within the organization. It sends a clear message to a individual that might be considering a move (or even actively searching), that there is a plan and path for them to help them advance and the organization is invested in getting them there.

At The Center for Leadership Excellence, our leadership coaching programs help build an individual leader’s skills, while also identifying and developing future leaders. Our record of success demonstrates an increase in engagement and retention of key talent. Our research shows that nearly 80% of leaders who are skillfully coached, grow their value and improve their performance within their organizations!

Whether the leader needs or wants to develop their soft skills, fine tune communication skills, learn to better manage a remote team, develop more effective skills for influencing others, or focus more on the strategic needs of the business, individual coaching can be targeted to whatever a leader might need. A strong and seasoned Executive Coach paired with the leader’s supervisor and human resources partner, can create a strong team focused on helping the leader grow and develop. The right trusted coach can express candor, in a caring way, while demonstrating a belief in the leader’s ability to be successful, and can facilitate growth and development, often at a faster rate than a supervisor or HR representative alone. There’s no question that an individualized coaching plan can foster greater performance and increase job satisfaction, as well as prepare a new class of leaders for the organization’s future.

If your company’s year-end performance review process revealed opportunities where individualized leadership coaching can have a positive impact on retaining a valuable employee, visit our website at to learn more about our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programs.  Contact Patty Prosser at for additional information.

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