Inclusion Blindspot Survey

We believe that organizations want diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to be successful, however these corporate initiatives are not set up for success in the short-term. A diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategy that is not based in real data will not effectively improve or change an organization’s culture or the ideologies of its employees. Good data allows you to identify the real problems organizationally and built an intentional strategy to address those issues. 

That’s why we created the Inclusion Blindspot Survey. This survey serves as a benchmark for diversity, equity, inclusion, bias, discrimation, and belonging within an organization. It gives an organization real data to build a DEI strategy with – in the areas they need it most.

What Does It Measure?

Surveys are fully customizable, but contain standard benchmarking questions in a variety of categories. These categories are:

  • Personal DEI Ideology: This portion of the survey measures what individuals know about DEI, what their personal feelings are related to DEI, and where they lie on a continum of cross-cultural competence.
  • Diversity Exposure: This portion of the survey measures an individual’s exposure to and interaction with different identity groups and the frequency of those interactions.
  • Discrimination & Bias: This portion of the survey measures an individual’s personal experience with discrimination or bias related to any of their personal identities.
  • Bias Indicators: This portion of the survey explores behaviors that indicate bias exisits within systems or policies within the organization.
  • Inclusion Experiences: This portion of survey explores an individual’s psychological safety and belonging at work.
  • Confronting and Reporting Behaviors: This portion of the survey measures an individual’s behaviors related to confronting or reporting inappropriate or discriminatory behavior by colleagues, leaders, or clients.
  • Demographics: This portion of the survey (answered last) collects census data for employers related to what identity groups employees identify in.

We Have the Data, Now What?

Once the data is collected our team gets to work analyzing the data, finding the themes, and identifying your hotspots. We provide a written report of our findings and recommendations based on best practices from a team of DEI experts so that your DEI leaders can build a strategy to effectively address and enhance the culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in your organizaiton.


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