Patty ProsserCo-Founder & Executive Coach

Patty has over 30 years experience in solving a variety of human resource issues created by ongoing organizational change. She has assisted a broad base of client companies in their desire to grow, develop, retain and transition their human resource assets.

As a corporate executive with a multi billion dollar global organization followed by two decades as the head of a highly regarded career and leadership development firm, Patty has both experienced and understands the challenges and opportunities facing leaders today. Her expertise lies in the ability to assist leaders and teams to better understand themselves, the impact they have within their organizations, and on others. She also works with leaders to identify areas for growth and enhanced leadership effectiveness. She uses a collaborative approach and focuses on helping individuals build upon the strengths, skills, and experiences that have contributed to their current success, while identifying opportunities and tools to help them significantly raise their leadership capital within the organizations they serve.

Patty is a recognized and active leader in the Indianapolis business community, sitting on a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit boards. She believes strongly in the concept of “paying it forward” and that leaders have a responsibility to be role models and strong stewards in their communities.

Patty has a B.S. in Education from the University of Kentucky and holds numerous post-graduate hours in career counseling and professional and leadership development..