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outplacement and mental health

You’ve likely heard the term “Outplacement” but you may not be certain what a good outplacement program looks like, or what value exists for both the departing individual and for the organization.

First, the goal of outplacement is to help the departing employee transition successfully – to meet the individual’s goals following an exit. Individual goals vary considerably but for many, the goal is a job that supports the realization of both personal and professional goals. Career Consultants brings together a highly qualified career coach and a displaced individual. The two work one-on-one in a structured yet customized process to first address the difficulties of job loss and assess needs, skills and strengths. They then establish appropriate goals, and develop a strategy for meeting them. The strategy includes a marketing campaign with supportive documents, a networking strategy with effective messaging, and training on current interviewing practices and successful negotiating. According to clients, our personal career transition coaching is integral to their successful transitions. Positive outcomes improve both their quality of life and their mental health; the two often go hand-in-hand. There is a clear benefit for the individual and very often also for their families.

But is there a positive effect for the organization that provides the outplacement benefit? Consider that when individuals exit the company, communication takes place by both representatives of your organization and by those who’ve lost their positions. Employees are unsettled to learn that their former colleagues have lost their jobs, their income and perhaps their benefits. They may experience fear regarding whether they will “be next” and they may question whether the organization can be trusted. On the other hand, the knowledge that their colleagues are receiving quality career transition coaching reinforces their belief that your organization values people and provides a path for a bright future.

Many of our corporate clients are intent upon protecting the culture they have built and nurtured. Employees who continue with the firm after a downsizing may have played key roles in developing culture so it is important to them. Retaining the culture and retaining valuable employees are inter-related. The familiar and reliable cultural foundation supports the well-being and productivity of employees.

To discuss your needs and learn more about our outplacement programs, please reach out to Jamie Maroney, Vice President of Client Services at jmaroney@cciindy.com or 317.264.4114.

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