Jane SweeneyCareer Transition Coach

Jane Sweeney brings over 30 years of extensive experience in career coaching specializing in  resilience and agility training. She provides a more purposeful approach to the fast changing work environment concentrating on providing resources to help clients bounce back in the midst of challenges and to provide tools and skills to transition more effectively to the needs of the workplace and industry trends. In addition, she has a specialized degree in the methodology, measurement and integration of organizational values into processes, structures and policies which results in a more engaged workforce. 

Jane has served in various leadership roles and has a proven reputation for her experience in redesigning processes, strategy development and building high performing teams through her in- depth expertise in hiring innovative and talented employees. She also has been recognized as one of the top leadership  facilitators for the largest non profit healthcare system in the country serving over 150,000 employees.

She has vast experience  working with employees in a variety of roles and in large and small organizations.  She is currently developing a system framework specifically focusing on inclusivity, incorporating steps into the organization’s culture, processes and policies to ensure a more equitable and diverse work environment.

Additionally, Jane continues to offer her leadership expertise by serving on the Board of Directors for both corporate and community organizations. Jane is committed to lifelong learning demonstrated by her degree in nursing (yes, nursing),  graduate degrees in Executive Healthcare Mission and also Management & Organizational Leadership.

Jane is committed to the growth and flourishing of individuals by inviting clients to recognize and celebrate their own gifts and capabilities, equipping them with resources needed to develop  personally and professionally so  they may find purpose and meaning in the work they do.