Culture Strategists
We believe that great cultures drive great outcomes. Many organizations today are focused on being a “best place to work” but often don’t know what that means or how to achieve it. In today’s competitive work environment, “culture” has become an important factor in attracting and retaining top talent – and achieving greater organizational success.

Our culture strategist use a data-driven approach to first understand your organization’s current culture and help strategize on how to create the culture you envision for your business.

Inclusive culture assessment

Most “best place to work” assessments don’t accurately measure the culture markers for an organization – they’re simply a snapshot in how employees feel that day about the organization. Great cultures are built with great leaders, but they also include intentional systems, policies, and communication. Our culture strategists, help your organization envision your ideal culture, measure where you currently are, and build a strategy to get you there.

Our Inclusive Culture Assessment takes a look at your culture based on the employee experience – and we then use that data to give you a clear picture of your organization’s true culture. With data, we work with you to build a strategy to bring the culture you envision to life through systems, policies, and people.


With assessment data in hand, our Culture Strategists will work to develop a plan to address your culture within our Eight Culture Makers.

Our expertise is in the research and strategy, however, we do offer best-in-class services for outplacement and search


The employee experience doesn’t end on an individual’s last day of work. Building great culture means treating the employees with compassion and empathy in their transition out of the organization, as well. Outplacement must be a part of your culture strategy. Providing outplacement services as a part of the departure package shows that the organization cares about their people – beyond their employment with the organization – and actively takes steps to demonstrate and preserve your organizational culture.

Our outplacement practice combines cutting-edge data, employment trends, and expertise from a team of Career Transition Coaches to create a job-search experience for the severed employee that goes beyond a resume and a LinkedIn profile. We collect data throughout the employee’s experience and feed that information back to use as a client – to continue to create more positive and culture-aligned experiences for employees.


Creating the right culture requires an organization to put the right individuals in the right leadership positions. Our Search and Staffing experts are some of the best in the industry at identifying a diverse talent pool that help your organization create a more diverse leadership team. Click to contact /learn more