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Organizations are proud of their culture of inclusion and respect; where people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, abilities, genders, and religions respectfully communicate and professionally interact. 

Turn good intentions into concrete action. To protect and enhance that culture, engage the experts at The Center for Leadership Excellence to customize a transformational online educational curriculum that augments and enhances your current programs and addresses the blindspots highlighted by the survey. Start the conversation with your employees on how to confront issues that impact inclusion and respect in the workplace. 

Our Online Programs are Different.

Workplace Harassment education for your employees shouldn’t just “check the box” on compliance.  It should be informative and engaging.  Our online programs are more than just a slide show with words for employees to read, they are animated videos that teach concepts through situational case studies.  

The Workplace Harassment Online program can be purchased online or fully customized to meet your organizations unique needs.  Additionally, the program can be segmented and individual modules can be purchased, with or without customization.  

There are four modules in our
Workplace Harassment Online Program:   

Raise awareness about inappropriate comments and behaviors, clearly define sexual harassment, set expectations for employee behavior, and demonstrate how these behaviors can make others feel. Give employees tools to address issues with coworkers.

Raise awareness to the conscious and unconscious bias that both men and women carry around gender and how gender bias can manifest itself in the workplace.  Give your employees tools to build allies or become an ally for gender equality in the workplace.

Raise awareness to the subtle – and not so subtle – forms of discrimination that employees face based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and abilities.  Help employees reflect on how their own judgments and assumptions may impact how they interact and communicate with colleagues.

Train your managers and leadership team to demonstrate proactive leadership around workplace harassment, how to identify potential issues, pinpoint problem areas, and address inappropriate or discriminatory comments and behaviors before they escalate.  Leaders are also given tools to handle formal complaints and conduct meetings with involved parties.  

Workplace Harassment

To learn more about Workplace Harassment Programs and the Blindspot Survey, contact Jessica Gendron at (317) 264-4119

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