Gender Bias & Male Allies

Men and women have both conscious and unconscious bias when it comes to gender.  In this module the program addresses the importance of raising awareness to both forms of gender bias and how it manifests itself in the workplace.  We teach women to engage supervisors and co-workers in conversation about gender bias and give women a voice in building an inclusive and respectful culture.  Additionally, we give men and women tools to build more allies or become an ally for gender equality in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes: As a result of this course, participants will…

  • Understand and have awareness to types of gender bias that is conscious and unconscious and how it manifests in the workplace.
  • Understand and apply how they can address gender bias in the workplace through conversations and speaking up for themselves or coworkers.
  • Understand and apply how everyone can be allies and advocates for gender equality in the workplace.

When you purchase the Gender Bias & Male Allies Module as a “stand alone” program, it also include Manager & Leadership Training.  Click here to learn more about Manager & Leadership Training.  Manager & Leadership Training is also compliant with New York and California educational requirements for supervisors.

Workplace Harassment

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