Diversity & Inclusion

We raise awareness to the subtle – and not so subtle – forms of discrimination that minority members may experience every day because of their age, race, sexual orientation, abilities, gender identification, or religion and discuss how our own judgements and assumptions impact the way we interact with people different than us.  In this module we empower people to speak up in a safe environment about any issues or experiences that may impact organizational culture. Additionally, we give employees tools to address issues when they see them and become allies for their minority colleagues.

Learning Outcomes: As a result of the program, participants will…

  • Understand and reflect upon the subtle and not so subtle forms of discrimination that can occur in the workplace in the areas of race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and abilities.
  • Reflect upon one’s own judgements and assumptions we make about people who are different than us.
  • Understand and apply how we can treat colleagues with respect regardless of differences.
  • Understand and apply practices to confront discriminatory behavior with colleagues in a productive way.

When you purchase the Diversity & Inclusion Module as a “stand alone” program, it also includes Manager & Leadership Training.  Click here to learn more about Manager & Leadership Training.  Manager & Leadership Training is also compliant with New York and California educational requirements for supervisors.

Workplace Harassment

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