Blindspot Survey™

Blindspot Survey™

Studies show that most employees don’t report incidents of harassment or discrimination in the workplace for a variety of reasons.  Instead, they silently suffer, avoid those individuals at work or leave the organization altogether.  Not only does it impact your culture, but your employee retention and engagement.  

You may or may not have had any complaints of sexual harassment, gender bias, or discrimination in your workplace, but that doesn’t mean the behavior isn’t occurring.  A Blindspot Survey is intended to help organizations confidentially identify if harassment and discrimination is occurring in the workplace, what and where it is happening, and thus identify gaps in their employee training around sexual harassment, gender bias, and discrimination.  It’s designed to help you continue to create a workplace culture that is respectful and inclusive – where all employees feel safe, supported, and happy.  

Survey Features

  • Give A Voice To Your Workforce: A confidential third party survey empowers people to speak up in a safe environment about any issues or experiences that may impact organizational culture.
  • Raise Awareness: Unlike most surveys, the Blindspot Survey is extremely comprehensive and while gathering information, it also raises awareness about the twenty “blindspots” employees may know about, but do not report.
  • Have Complete Customization Ability: Questions and reports can be customized and results can be segmented in a variety of ways including by gender, demographics, geographic locations, business units, etc.
  • Quantify Base-Line Cultural Data: Organizations are data-driven and leaders are familiar with looking at report data [like sales or profits]. This survey quantifies your organizational culture in a measurable way.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Use survey data to measure the impact of current training programs, validate assumptions about the current organizational culture of respect and inclusion, or identify any “blindspots” that need addressed in the current training programs.
  • Save Time: The survey takes only 5 minutes for your employees to complete. We’ll handle the rest!

Survey Benefits

  • Ensuring A Culture of Respect and Inclusion: Great leaders want to know if there are “blindspots” in their organization and if their workforce knows about issues, but is not reporting them.
  • Demonstrate Pro-Active Leadership: Be proactive and test your assumptions about your culture. Is it a great place to work? Is the culture respectful and inclusive? If issues are identified, you can be proactive in addressing them before they become problematic. Information can also be used in recruiting and retaining talent.
  • Care for Your Employees: An organization that is considered a “best place to work” regularly solicits information from their workforce about the employee experience. Demonstrate care for your workforce by ensuring you have a culture of respect and inclusion, first by asking employees about their experience.
  • Give a Voice to Minority Populations: Give a voice to individuals who represent a small minority of the total employee population, a voice that is often not heard, but potentially experiencing problematic behavior.
  • Pinpoint Potential Problems: Identify potential “blindspots” based on geographic location, business unit or leadership umbrellas to determine if potential culture issues are globally across the organization or in concentrated pockets.

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