Outplacement Methodology

Initial Meeting With Your Career Coach: You will have the opportunity to meet with your Career Coach to communicate your needs, discuss any concerns you have and learn about the overall career transition process. We strongly recommend that you resist the urge to go on any interviews until you complete the following steps in preparing your search.

Identification of Key Experiences, Skills and Accomplishments: Identifying your key experiences, skills and accomplishments is a critical first step in determining all of your marketable experiences and attributes and their value in the current job market.

Career Goals Identification: You and your Career Coach will identify your work needs, ideal job, work life balance desires and professional growth needs. You may also want to consider the options of returning to school or starting a business.

Resume Preparation: Your Career Coach will assist you in developing a market-ready, competitive resume that is accomplishment-based and keyword-driven.

Search Plan Development: You will also learn to develop a marketing plan that focuses on the active job market (posted positions on job boards, social media and websites) as well as techniques to access the ‘hidden job market’ where over 60% of all hires occur.

Access To Technology In Developing Your Search Plan: Career Consultants OI Global Partners also provides training on the use of databases such as LexisNexis and eGOLD Recruitment, as well as sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed and SimplyHired.

Communication Skills: You will be coached on effective communication skills for networking and interviewing. Learning to articulate your value to an organization by presenting your skills, successes and interpersonal skill competencies will differentiate you from the competition and give you a competitive edge in today’s job market.

Job Lead Development: Your Career Coach and other members of our staff will coach you on the best ways to access the job boards and social media for open positions, how to utilize employment agencies and search firms and how to access our extensive technology database to generate information about target companies, contacts and job leads.


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