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Coaching Women & Men

We believe the most successful executives need a coach, not just for a couple months or a year, but for the life of their career. We are the experts in helping you enhance your leadership skills and advance you career

Talent Acquisition

We are one of the oldest and most experienced search firms in the state of Indiana. Using our proprietary search methods we help you, from beginning to end, identify and hire the best candidate available.

Workplace Harassment

We are the experts in research and online education that helps organizations identify potential blindspots™ and address issues of inappropriate sexual innuendos, diversity, gender bias and sexual harassment within their workforce.

Online Leadership Training

We offer an extensive menu of online leadership training components for you or your team. You can now get the training your workforce needs on-demand and lower-cost than conference or onsite events.

Outplacement: OI Global Partners

We are the experts in helping organizations skillfully manage the termination of an employee, but also providing career transition coaching and support for employees to exit an organization and land gracefully.

Testing & Assessments

Testing and assessments can be a valuable part of assessing employee needs and strengths, but also building a cohesive team. We offer several nationally recognized assessments for individuals and teams.

Keynotes & Seminars

Whether one-hour or multiple days, we offer customized, proprietary content to help your employees succeed. Our skilled trainers, coaches, and educators are the experts in helping you achieve your educational goals.