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With over 40 years of experience, our team of outplacement and career transition coaches are the experts in helping individuals and organizations navigate career transitions.  We have assisted over 250,000 individuals in finding new employment after a termination or job elimination – and have partnered with countless organizations to help transition employees with care and respect. 

Skillfully Managing a Termination
for the Employer

Managing a termination can be a highly emotional event for both the manager and the employee.  If not well planned, the termination meeting has the potential to get out of control. We provide a roadmap for individuals to navigate the termination called The Six Steps To Planning and Managing The Termination Skillfully. To best prepare your team, we offer our clients two training options, at no cost:

  • Six Video Training Modules:  Available to HR Professionals, managers conducting the terminations, and employment attorneys, these can be viewed online and on-demand. These videos demonstrate specific examples of what managers can expect to face when conducting the termination meeting,  suggested “best practice” responses and role playing examples that help ensure the event is managed skillfully. 
  • Seminars or Coaching: These programs can be conducted at our offices or at yours and range from one to three hours in length.  Your participation in the three hour program is accredited by SHRM as part of your continuing education program. 


Your Personal Job Transition Coach

One of the most important benefits in the severance package, are salary and benefit continuance, as well as a personal job transition coach!

When people lose their jobs, it is normal to feel hurt, vulnerable or betrayed. Losing a job is one of the three most stressful events one can go through; along with the death of an immediate family member or a divorce, losing a job is a very stressful experience. Grief is a natural response and the range of emotions may include anger, denial, bargaining, and even depression. 

A personal job transition coach assists them with the emotional trauma associated with losing their job, helps them evaluate their career goals and options, and works with them in their job search until they are successfully re-engaged, regardless of the difficulty of the search.

Most outplacement services provide limited support and training, but no other outplacement firm coaches the individual until they are successfully re-engaged. We have assisted more than 250,000 people to becoming successfully re-employed and through OI Global Partners we have over 1,000 Career Coaches in 225 offices located in 28 countries.

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For more information about our Outplacement Services, please contact Jessica Gendron at jgendron@cciindy.com or (317) 264-4119

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