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Online Leadership Training

Online Leadership Training

We offer an extensive menu of online leadership training components for you or your team.  We have programs designed specifically for women and men, high potential leaders, and your current managers and supervisors.  

Components can be packaged as a series or purchased a la carte, to best suit your needs.

Online Programs

Often employees are passive participants in their career journeys.  Our Take Ownership for Your Own Career program empowers participants to be actively engaged in their career success and takes them through a 7-step process to help them understand how to define career success, identify their leadership skills and career goals, clarify how they are currently being evaluated, make an action plan, and advocate for themselves in the workplace.   Click Here to learn more.

High performance teams require managers and supervisors to have a strategy around how to recruit talent, as well as skills on how to use praise and recognition, conduct performance meeting with high performers and under performers, use follow-up and disciplinary action with their team members, and managing terminations when necessary.  This online course provides intensive trainings for all of these topics. Click Here to learn more.

Contact Jessica Gendron at or (317) 264-4119 for special pricing for organizations or onsite training options of the course. 

People aren’t “tapped” for leadership positions or promotions simply by showing up to work and not making “waves”.  Women, however, aren’t highly-skilled at self promotion – or even indicating to a boss that they’re interested in assuming greater responsibility.   In this program, you’ll learn how to plan for and have conversations with your boss, mentors, or other advocates about your career goals, how to research potential opportunities, and how to best present yourself for a new role.  Click Here to learn more.

Finding your voice and becoming a respected, articulate leader, having your voice heard, achieving respect, and being viewed as a significant contributor to the organization can be a challenge in a male-dominated team.  In this program you will learn ways to demonstrate strength, earn respect, and enhance your own leadership identity.  Click Here to learn more.

Your work-life balance needs depend on where you are in your personal and professional life; your needs change as you go through life.  Understanding those needs and aligning them to, not only your personal career goals, but also the needs of your organization can be complicated both short and long term.   This program helps to bring clarity around what you need and what is realistic, along with an action plan to achieve your work-life balance goals.  Click Here for more information.

How you communicate as a leader is critical to your success.   In this course we help managers, supervisors, and leaders understand how communication impacts their ability to lead, how to create open communication with all team members, how to adapt communication styles based on employee, how to listen and ask better questions, and how to set healthy boundaries around communication with their team.   Click Here to learn more. 

We offer a complete package of Workforce Harassment Online Training for your workforce.  Learn more here


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