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Keynotes & Seminars

Keynotes & Seminars for Women

We specialize in working with women.   We’re eager to engage with the women in your organization.

Our expert trainers, coaches and educators are ready to help you meet your educational goals for your workforce.  We have a large library of educational content that can be applied to help advance your high potential leaders, provide new skills to your employees, spark important conversations within your workforce, or provide specialized training or support to your women or minority populations.  

Our educational content can be 100% customized to suit your needs, desired outcomes, and time constraints.  We would love to have a conversation with you about how we can help elevate your workforce. 

Onsite Seminars

Our onsite seminars can be best suited to your needs and can be customized.  We do offer the following programs:

Often employees are passive participants in their career journeys.  Our Take Ownership for Your Own Career program empowers participants to be actively engaged in their career success and takes them through a 7-step process to help them understand how to define career success, identify their leadership skills and career goals, clarify how they are currently being evaluated, make an action plan, and advocate for themselves in the workplace.  

Many organizations are offering women the opportunity to gather together for support and education that is relevant to them, however, many of these groups lack and overall strategy and plan that is required for these groups to truly be effective.  We offer a planning and strategy process to help these groups identify goals and outcomes and set a course to achieve them.

In addition to strategy for the Women’s Groups, we also can offer programming for these groups that are focused on topics relevant to women.  For a full list of topics, please contact Jessica Gendron, President of The Center for Leadership Excellence at or (317) 264-4119.

Creating gender equality in the workforce requires men and women to have hard conversations, challenge each other, and work together to achieve parity.  This workshop is intended to spark conversation and provide skills to leaders within the organization on what they can do to create an inclusive workplace, but also work towards gender equality together.


Our organizational keynotes can be given to groups within the organization or the entire organization.  We offer a number of standard talks, but can also customize content to best suit your organizational needs.

Our standard talks cover the following topics:

  • Take Ownership for Your Own Career
  • Skillfully Manage Work-Life Balance
  • Positioning Yourself for a Promotion or More Responsibility
  • Effectively Communicating in a Male Dominated Team
  • Creating a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace:  Addressing Sexual Harassment, Gender Bias, and Diversity.
  •  Creating Male Allies
  • Communicating Across Generations


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