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Workplace Harassment Online Training

Workplace Harassment Online Training

Workplace Harassment education for your employees shouldn’t just “check the box” on compliance.  It should be informative and engaging.  Our online programs are more than just a slide show with words for employees to read, they are animated videos that teach concepts through situational case studies.  Each module ends with quiz to check learning and the course ends with certification that the employee has completed the course.

The Workplace Harassment Online Program includes four modules:

Each module takes, on average 30 minutes for an employee to complete with the exception of the Managers module that takes 45 minutes.  Learner can stop and start at any time, as well as watch with or without sound from any internet enabled device.

All programs are available online through our learning management system and your entire workforce can be set up in under 48 hours.  For a demonstration,  information about custom programs, or integrating with your own online system, contact Jessica Gendron at or (317) 264-4119.

*For organizations with 1000+ employees, please contact Jessica for bulk pricing.