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Take Ownership For Your Own Career

Take Ownership For Your Own Career

Take Ownership for Your Own Career program empowers participants to be actively engaged in their career success. It takes you through a 7-step process to help you understand how to define career success, identify their leadership skills and career goals, clarify how they are currently being evaluated, make an action plan, and advocate for themselves in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes: As a result of this course, participants will…

  • Identify and define success outcomes as a result of individual’s participation in the course.
  • Investigate and clarify the ways one is currently being evaluated as an employee or leader.
  • Investigate and understand how one is currently being perceived as an employee or leader by peers.
  • Define and articulate one’s individual contributions to the organization.
  • Reflect on and identify one’s personal leadership skills.
  • Reflect on and identify one’s personal career goals, including identifying work-life balance boundaries.
  • Learn to and be able to communicate how to advocate for oneself.
  • Create a success action plan and evaluate action plan with supervisor at 90-days.
  • Communicate with immediate supervisor about program outcomes and one’s contributions to the organization.

The course in total, takes roughly 12 hours to complete.  Participants are given access to all course materials and reflection assignments through our online learning management system.  There are no educational prerequisites to take the course and participants have access to materials for 12 months from first log-in date.