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Enhancing Leadership Communication Skills

Enhancing Leadership Communication Skills

How you communicate as a leader is critical to your success.   In this course we help managers, supervisors, and leaders understand how communication impacts their ability to lead, how to create open communication with all team members, how to adapt communication styles based on employee, how to listen and ask better questions, and how to set healthy boundaries around communication with their team.

Learning Outcomes:  As a result of this course, participants will…

  • Understand and apply core communication skills of listening, asking better questions, and coaching conversations in every day leadership scenarios.
  • Understand the value of relationship-building and good communication practices to ensure employee trust and engagement.
  • Understand and apply “open-door/closed-door” management practices to create better  communication with employees and minimize interruptions/maximize productivity.
  • Understand and apply coaching practices to help employees solve problems without requiring management time.

The course in total, takes roughly 5 hours to complete.  Participants are given access to all course materials and reflection assignments through our online learning management system.  There are no educational prerequisites to take the course and participants have access to materials for 6 months from first log-in date.

Contact Jessica Gendron at or (317) 264-4119 for special pricing for organizations or onsite training options of the course.