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Effectively Communicating in a Male Dominated Team

Effectively Communicating in a Male Dominated Team

Finding your voice and becoming a respected, articulate leader, having your voice heard, achieving respect, and being viewed as a significant contributor to the organization can be a challenge in a male-dominated team.  In this program you will learn ways to demonstrate strength, earn respect, and enhance your own leadership identity. 

Learning Outcomes:  As a result of this course, participants will…

  • Understand and be able to communicate the challenges that women face in the workplace, especially as a leader.
  • Understand and be able to apply strategies to communicate in a male-dominated team to earn respect, be heard in meetings and decision-making, and address gender bias issues with peers, supervisors, and employees.

The course in total, takes roughly 1 hour to complete.  Participants are given access to all course materials and reflection assignments through our online learning management system.  There are no educational prerequisites to take the course and participants have access to materials for 6 months from first log-in date.

We recommendEnhancing Leadership Communication Skills” as a supplement to this course.