Teresa Fruits

Teresa Fruits

Executive Transition Coach

Teresa has served as an enthusiastic advocate, encourager, mentor and life coach within and outside the workplace for more than 30 years. An engaging relationship builder and communicator, she walks alongside administrative, middle management, leaders and executives through planned and unplanned role transitions, enabling them to identify, develop and achieve career and life goals.  She is a 360 leader at all times leading across, above and below through servant leadership, transparent communication and passion for helping others achieve their goals and aspirations. Teresa quickly finds common ground with clients from every walk of life.

For eleven years, Teresa was the Talent Development, Training and Development Specialist at Dow Agrosciences/Corteva Agriscience. In addition to her many years of direct, indirect and institutional sales, her years of management experience include financial, administrative, functional business sales, and human resources

Teresa has managed relationships between DAS and AWARD [African Women in Agricultural Research & Development; coordinated visiting NextGen Cassava Scientists communications and activities; and facilitated the annual Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation African BioSciences Event.

Teresa graduated magna cum laude from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Human Resources.