Mike HillCareer Transition Coach

As a Career Transition Coach Mike Hill provides exemplary individual and personalized career coaching to individuals who are being transitioned out of their current jobs. He helps in the transition through the job search process until each client has “completed” their career transition through finding new employment, starting their own business, retirement, or other outcome.

Hill’s passion for increasing employees and team’s performance is reflected in his writing, speaking, teaching and coaching. Mike is the author of three books based on performance improvement: Measuring to Manage, Measuring Ourselves, and Corporate Measurements to Manage. He has spoken to and trained hundreds of people from all over the world and recently has begun teaching students at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis.

As a corporate executive. Mike and his team grew an Indiana -based organization from a single location to a six-location business in the span of 10 years. He’s also been vice president of a Fortune 1500 company that grew sales 25% during the 3-years he was in charge ($100,000,00 to $145,000,000.00).

Hill graduated from of Saint Bonaventure University with a Bachelor of Arts followed by a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He holds a Coaching Certification and is a qualified Birkman Assessment Professional.