Making Your Organization a Great Place for Women to Work

We Can Help.

We help transform your organization into a great place for women to work.  Our step-by-step proprietary process help you strategize, implement, assess, and tell the story of your organization’s success.



Data Collection

Establishing Priorities

Program Launch

Metrics & Promotion

Executive-level commitment to becoming a great place for women to work, and then locking outcomes to the overall strategic vision for the company is paramount. We work with you to create the compelling business case to your team and then align the strategy and the people to ensure the initiative’s success.

We collect data using our proprietary assessment to identify the areas of greatest need, assess current experiences, and set a baseline so we can track progression toward the overall goal.  We ensure your organization is tracking the right information and compare it to industry trends.

To transform the organization, we use the data and strategic vision to establish the organizational priorities, set project timelines, and build the implementation plan.  Those priorities are centered around our formula for being a great place for women to work.

We work diligently with your staff to internally develop and/or engage outside experts to roll out programs, policy, and systemic changes to set the transformation in motion.  CLE has a number of services to offer that assist our clients becoming a great place for women to work.

Regularly we assess where the plan is working and where it’s not, so we can continue to adapt and modify the priorities and implementation plan.  We work to quantifiably show you are a great place for women to work. We then work with your team to tell the story both internally and externally of being a great place for women to work.

Ready to Become a Great Place for Women to Work?