Protecting Your Culture, From Onboarding through Outplacement

Have you considered that the employee experience continues beyond the last day of work? An acquisition, business down-turn, or other significant event may place you in the position of eliminating jobs. Building great culture means treating employees with compassion and empathy both during their employment… and as they exit. Outplacement must be a part of your culture strategy.

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If You Need More Diverse Hires, Start by Diversifying Your Candidate Pool

When you’re looking to hire more diversity in your organization, companies must work harder to build a more robust and diverse pool of high-quality candidates to choose from. That means evaluating job descriptions and postings for gendered language, posting jobs on different sites and within different networks, and looking at how you are evaluating candidates for the role.

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Case Study: Understanding Strengths, Expanding Possibilities

Understanding Strengths, Expanding Possibilities, A Client Story by Mark Dubansky, Career Coach

Bob was unexpectedly impacted by a staff reduction where he worked as a coordinator in the admissions department of a large university system. For the last 10 years he worked in the higher education sector performing a wide range of roles in admissions and student support. Bob was happy with his work and in the university setting where he had hoped to continue for the foreseeable future. 

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